Sentek Soil Moisture Monitoring

Save money, time and water with Sentek Soil Moisture Monitoring systems. Using state of the art technology you can ensure that your crops have the ideal amount of water and that you don't waste a drop.

We can supply, install and train in the use of both fixed and portable monitoring systems to help you get the best possible use out of your water allocations and higher crop yields for both Irrigation and Dry Land fields.

Land F/X Landscape & Irrigation

Land F/X Landscape & Irrigation supercharges your design tools such as Bricscad, AutoCAD and Google SketchUp! to make it easier to design landscapes, irrigation systems, site development plans and more.

By working with the tools your already know and understand you can take your workflow to the next level, allowing for you to rapidly change according to your requirements and clients needs. Rich features such as integration with Google SketchUp! allow for a 3D immersive experience to visualise how your designs will look and feel.